Fragrance in the Desert

Cover jpg

From the book review:

Joining her husband for a two year assignment in Kuwait, Debbie shares her experience of living in the desert and of the culture that revealed some very serious atrocities known to occur, not only in Kuwait, but as discovered throughout the world.

Making a vow to young victims of human trafficking, whom she taught and loved, she writes of her passion to “do something.” If each of us takes seriously our debt and contribution to the world in which we live, much can be accomplished.

About the Author

Since she was a young teen she has worked and volunteered at churches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and residences for the disabled using her gifts of artistic expression to enhance the lives of others.

Debbie has traveled extensively and has lived many places with her husband John, both in the United States as well as overseas.

She is a mother of three, stepmom of one and adores being the grandmother of ten. Currently she resides in upstate New York.

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