A Wonderful Start

Donations of all kinds of craft and art supplies have given Her Treasure Box as great beginning!  About two weeks ago, the process had begun to post items on E bay.  Although time consuming to do so, we are encouraged to have sold five items. Its a start.

When collecting items from Linda’s in Latham she told me of the “Hugest Garage Sale in the World” being held at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds.  Vendors sign up for this event months in advance, so the possibility to obtain a spot was a bit iffy. All that was left was space in the pavilion.  I am certain it’s availability was held just for Her Treasure Box.  The location was perfect…..on the outside row, under a roof, with a breeze.

There was a steady stream of people and a lot of opportunity to share about Eyes Wide Open, the Coalition, the desire for retail space for Her Treasure Box and of course, our home for healing and hope! Some people were shocked, some got tears in their eyes, some gave more than the price of an item….others came back a second time to hand us a donation.

We came home with empty totes and a nice deposit into our account. We have officially begun the fundraising.

Please remember Her Treasure Box when cleaning out the craft room, attic or basement….!!!!


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