Moving Forward

DSCF0147What an exciting summer this has been! Those who have followed on Facebook already know that just last week, EYES WIDE OPEN NENY, Inc. received the 501 c 3 certificate.

There is a lot of business to pull together. Yikes. I am learning so much and will soon be hosting our first board meeting!!!

Beyond the official business….doors have been opening up to bring awareness in the community of who we are and what our intentions are….

As we have been collecting donations for Her Treasure Box, someone told us of the WORLD’S LARGEST GARAGE SALE held at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds. One week before the event, (which was yesterday), I called to secure a table…. I was given what was left, being folks knew of this way before we did and most spots were taken….however, there was still one open. It was perfect, under a pavilion, which meant not having to deal with a tent…there was a nice breeze and an amazing amount of shoppers!

The garage sale was a wonderful success!!!! There was a steady stream of people and a lot of opportunity to share about Eyes Wide Open, the Coalition, the desire for retail space for Her Treasure Box and of course, our home for healing and hope! Some people were shocked, some got tears in their eyes, some gave more than the price of an item….others came back a second time to hand us a donation.

What a wonderful experience! We had only two items that were priced $5.00 and both sold…everything else was pretty much $1.00…or asked for donation for the cloth…..All this to tell you we came home with a profit of $600.00.

I am taking this as God blessing our efforts and to continue! We sold a lot and I came home with several empty bins!
We had such an opportunity to talk with folks about what we were about!

Stay tuned…..I will be posting our September and October events soon.
AND…a new website will be out soon where you can find everything we are dong all in one place!

Thank you for your love and support!


2 comments on “Moving Forward

  1. Carolyn says:

    Just awesome!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Cathy says:

    Congratulations! Looks like a huge success!

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