………………….couldn’t login…this happening after writing my dislike for all the techno stuff in the last post…so that is kind of odd and eerie! Action…well the “unfolding” has continued…I am excited, full of energy and some have said I am in need of focus…so I am trying that on for size and ask you to please send along your prayers and well wishes. The “What’s Next” has been looming…and it is time to concentrate on a path. What is kind of neat…I had set a goal; deadline,really, to have Fragrance in the Desert to the publishers by end of April 2014. A friend encouraged me today to appoint a “deadline” as to where to go from here perhaps by the end of April.
In the meantime, what is falling in to place is meeting some amazing women, working diligently with their energies, faith, and support to work together as a collaborative, …force to be a voice to our communities, and government to eradicate human trafficking and with hopes to bring support, and healing to assist victims become survivors.

If you have some interest in joining our efforts, information you would like or wish to sponsor an awareness event (no matter the size of your group)..please leave me a way to connect with you in the comments section.

Lots more to come!!!

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One comment on “Missing…

  1. Cathy says:

    Yay! Back on the blog..how did you finally get back in? So glad you’re back..so look forward to your posts..even though we talk several times a week..I love the stuff you share on here..as far as focus..I’m not sure it’s all it’s hyped up to be..you do well in chaos! You have my full support sis! XO

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