Smart phones, i phones, skype, texting, twitter, apps

Yikes…we have to keep on this….don’t we?!  It’s the way the world communicates.  Some of us like it…some of us, not so much.  Me, not so much.  However, (and this is a big however) I am really grateful for the technology available.  The latest thing I found I needed was an APP…called What’s App, to add to my phone. I spent a better part of a day with my phone in one hand and surfing around the internet checking you tube, trying to figure it out.  To make matters worse, I was told it is so easy to do.  (rolling my eyes here)

This app has enabled me to connect with Adjoua.  She is now reunited with her family in Ghana.  The waiting for her return was not easy.  Knowing she finally made it home and not having the ability to connect with her was distressing. Via facebook I could write to Barbara who could text Adjoua….so for a few weeks we sent messages between the three of us.

While Adjoua lived in Kuwait, we could Skype, use facebook, email, etc etc…It is much different now that she is in Ghana.The network isn’t readily available., neither is electricity, I have learned.  So, whats app, installed on our phones, has made it possible for us to keep in touch!  We can even send pictures!

As for most who have been abused in human trafficking, reintegration is not easy.  Most do not return “home” in good standing.  No money had been saved and brought home.  There is no job waiting for you. Friends and family aren’t always understanding, which makes it difficult to find your place in these circles.   It’s a big step in rescuing these women and girls from abusive situations, getting them off the streets, safe from harm, even getting them home.  However, that is only the beginning.  Healing is needed for their body, soul and spirit. Self esteem is lacking, fear is present, discouragement and depression can easily lead them back to what they had known.

Maiti Nepal is the best example I have found providing “aftercare”. (I searched and searched hoping to find something similar in no avail)  Education programs of awareness are a must…everywhere!  And as long as human trafficking, child labor, sex trade exists, the need for rehabilitation and reintegration programs are as paramount.

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3 comments on “Smart phones, i phones, skype, texting, twitter, apps

  1. How wonderful she is home. But I certainly get your message that the work has just revealed another aspect to this all. You are doing good things and I am so proud of you!

  2. cathy says:

    I am so happy that she’s home, however, we need to stay connected and do whatever we can to help her make this transition successful. So proud of you Sis! What great things you’ve accomplished! Best of all, Adjoua is still in our hearts and minds! Let us know what and how we can continue to help!

  3. Cathy says:

    So happy that Adjoua is home! You are right that we need to be able to keep in contact to help her make this transition successful. You have done such great things Deb and so proud that you are my sis! Please keep letting us know what is needed and what we can do to support Adjoua now that she is home!

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