I have been silent in my waiting, well, sort of. My friend Barbara and I text each other almost daily since this vigil began…with short notes of…..I hate this…..frustrated…..nothing yet…how much longer.  But that’s just between us. We then calm each other with the knowing there is a bigger picture than what we see. …that everything happens for a reason…and we use the words below.

Faith – a firm belief in something for which there is no proof: complete trust

Trust –  assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

Hope – to desire with expectation of obtainment

Wait – to remain in a state in which you expect or hope that something will happen soon.

Rest – peace of mind or spirit

GOD –  The ONE who IS all knowing, all powerful, all caring….LOVE !

This “vigil” I speak of started December 15th. A brave young woman, my dear one, Adjoua (who is a survivor of human trafficking) sits in deportation waiting, hoping, and trusting that the encouragement and promises spoken to her when she began this journey and the process in which she currently endures, will bring her freedom and reunite her with her family…..soon.  Barbara and I both experience the heaviness of heart as we wait with her.

In this first week of the new year I have already heard and read many stories of people waiting.  They wait for answers, healing. changes, dreams to come true. My hope for all, is while you are waiting, you will experience rest.


2 comments on “Rest

  1. Carolyn Abrams says:

    Beautiful deb!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Cathy says:

    I too have been waiting daily for word that Adjoua is home with her family..prayers that she stays strong through this are sent her way. This is no longer in our control and I believe it will happen are right that we have to Trust and Believe and have Faith that it will!

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