I have attended two workshops in the past two weeks that focused on Human Trafficking Awareness.

Speakers at these events included a representative from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a Coalition Coordinator from UNANIMA International, a Director of Human Trafficking Prevention, a Representative from Anti-Trafficking Task Force of the Capital Region, and a Director at US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.  I found it encouraging they were both well attended.

I have maintained how important it is for involvement in fighting this crime.  There are just so many Officials, Directors, and Law Enforcers trying to do this job.  People in the community, workplace, hospitals, schools….people, are the eyes and ears for these departments.  No one organization can do it alone.  There is a need for collaboration.

You may be more aware of  Human Trafficking, but knowing it exists is just the beginning.

Below is a list of trafficking Indicators.

Report Suspicious Activity  1-866-347-2423

Is the victim in possession of identification and travel documents; if not who has control of the documents?

Was the victim coached on what to say to law enforcement and immigration officials?

Was the victim recruited for one purpose and forced to engage in some other job?

Was the victim forced to perform sexual acts?

Does the victim have freedom of movement?

Has the victim or family been threatened with harm if the victim attempts to escape?

Has the victim been threatened with deportation or law enforcement action?

Has the victim been harmed or deprived of foo, water, sleep, medical care or other life necessities?

Can the victim freely contact friends or family?

Is the victim a juvenile engage in commercial sex?

Report Suspicious Activity  1-866-347-2423HUMAN-TRAFFICKING-PREVENTION1-1024x639


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