What’s next?

Pen in hand, I waited. Some friends were along to support me as I held vigil, wondering what’s next.  Some folks skirted right past with barely a glance that this little group was assembled around a table display of pictures enjoying wine, cheese and crackers.   As we relaxed and wandered the store Cathy discovered Fragrance in the Desert on the book shelf under the sign, Local Authors.  That was pretty neat!  While a young girl of about twelve was enjoying the snacks provided we discussed her new purchase. She was very excited to share with me the book series called Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter. It is children’s fantasy stories about four clans of wild cats living in a forest.  While enjoying her enthusiasm, her mom and dad made their way over and we began to talk….and before I knew it I was signing a book for them.  There weren’t crowds of people clamoring to buy my book.  But the connections and conversations I had Saturday afternoon, were with passionate people. Teachers, a volunteer at a food bank, a foreign student from Italy were interested and supportive.  Was this a success?  Absolutely! An experience I will treasure.

 DSCF3535 DSCF3547 DSCF3548

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3 comments on “What’s next?

  1. Cathy says:

    It was an awesome day! So proud of you!! So very cool to see your book on the shelf in a book store~~you are officially an AUTHOR now! By the way, I sold another book yesterday!

  2. Carolyn Abrams says:

    Debbie. I can’t think of anything more successful!!!!

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  3. amyjotrager says:

    What a fun way to meet interesting people! 🙂

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