Meaningful Connections

When I was twelve my family moved from Jamestown, NY to the Rochester area. I remember we first looked at a house in Fairport. Then the realtor took us to the other side of city to a very small village….Churchville. I don’t remember why my parents chose to live on the west side of the city. All I know is Churchville became our home. I didn’t stray too far after graduation, (Brockport) and then once again made a home for my own little family in Chili. There were a few more small moves around the area through the years. I have lived a total “of 30 years in the Rochester “area”.

For the past 15 years,  I come and go to the “area” to visit family. In and Out!

Tomorrow, I am driving back to the “area”  not only to celebrate family birthdays this weekend (three to be exact and all in the same family)…. but to meet up with meaningful connections.

Over the years I have come to appreciate  friends and  acquaintances from long ago.  For some reason ,  ‘past’ life has come around and is catching up with me….meeting me back in my home town.

I look forward to, once again, the unfolding….that God has prepared for me.

If you can make it tomorrow evening, please consider this a personal (personal as it can get on a blog) invitation to visit with me and catch up!  I will be at

Inside Out Counseling Ste. B

240 East Ridge Road

Rochester, NY 14621












One comment on “Meaningful Connections

  1. Cathy says:

    So proud of you!! Happy that you are coming for the weekend and so happy that you are my sister!:)

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