Reverence for Life

Man can no longer live for himself alone. We must realize that all life is valuable and that we are united to all life. From this knowledge comes our spiritual relationship with the universe.”  Albert Schweitzer

Once man begins to think about the mystery of his life and the links connecting him with the life that fills the world, he cannot but accept, for his own life and all other life that surrounds him, the principle of Reverence for Life.

He will act according to this principle of the ethical affirmation of life in everything he does. His life will become in every respect more difficult than if he lived for himself, but at the same time it will be richer, more beautiful, and happier.

It will become, instead of mere living, a genuine experience of life.

– excerpt from Out of my Life and Thought an Autobiography Albert Schweitzer

I have been experiencing that ‘unfolding’ I had mentioned, on an almost daily basis!  It’s what Albert Schweitzer is talking about in the above paragraph….I am enjoying a genuine experience of life.  A spiritual one that is connecting me with so many people all over the world. AND…its fun!

You know the saying…..’it’s a small world’.  Its pretty amazing the links (connections) that are made and the people who know people etc..  When you move out of your comfort zone, begin to share what matters to you with others, you soon find out there are many others thinking, doing, going in the same direction.; caring and loving beyond our circle. This past week I met Sheri in Rochester who is part of a women’s networking group desirous to host a meeting to share how she was touched when reading about human trafficking. How fun!  I will share a wee bit of my story and sign books. Sue is also from Rochester and as we began talking, we felt a connection (a kindred spirit) when she told me of her love for fiber arts.  When I inquired what does she make, I learned she knits and buys her yarn from a small business that imports their supply from Nepal, in order to support the women of Nepal.  Her side note was telling me the little business just recently moved to Schenectady, NY.  (about 20 minutes from my home)  Its stuff like this that makes me excited, keeps me motivated and inspired.  It does start with a reverence for life!






3 comments on “Reverence for Life

  1. John says:

    Although a bit delayed in offering comment, I hope it has the same weight as if offered on the day of your book publication. Not up on the whole blog thing yet. First, Congratulations. A truly amazing accomplishment. We live together, share our lives, goals and achievements to the fullest extent possible so these individual accomplishments are the most telling about who we are as individuals. In creating this book, with all the personal emotion and effort I know it took, I hope it refreshed your individual spirit. The Spark. For that I am truly proud of you and your accomplishment.

    Second, I am glad that you’ve found a medium bringing together your passion to protect those that lack the ability to do for themselves, your unique social skills and love for Art. We constantly confirm that the level of difficulty associated with most tasks is related to having the right tool. From the reception to date, I would say your book just might the tool you have been looking for. I look forward to watching your use of it towards in the task of awareness and support of those caught in this abusive cycle.

    Lastly, for those naysayers who might dismiss the matter of personal freedom or undervalue your effort here to support their reclamation of freedoms taken from them, I offer a few quotes from the political philosopher, Edmund Burke. His words, “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion” (1784) and “The concessions of the weak are the concessions of fear” (1775), hopefully place into context in the simplest terms how the people you met in Kuwait (and others like them) came to be in their current position. Mr. Burke’s most known comment, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”, could easily and honestly support your goals of making others aware of what’s going on.

    Even though I would hope that it goes without saying, you have both my material and emotional support.

    Your Biggest Fan, Best Friend, Supporter and Husband.

  2. Patty Carley says:

    Hi Debbie:
    Love your blog. The pebble you have thrown into the ‘pond of enlightenment’ is rippling out into the world in wondrous ways already.
    Can’t wait to read what happens next!

  3. Cathy says:

    So glad you were able to come and meet Sheri and Sue! You just never know how things will unfold!!

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