Hard Choices

Making plans to visit the bookstore regarding  Fragrance in the Desert, I had heard that the following week Hillary Clinton would be there to sign her new book.  I was really excited only to find that tickets had been sold out weeks ago.  However, once again “things” just unfolded before me.  I only made comment of how exciting it will be for their hosting Mrs. Clinton and that I heard they were sold out.  Leaning over, the woman says to me….well we do have a couple left…would you like one?  Oh my gosh do I!!!

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State while I was living in Kuwait. As I was learning about the realities of human trafficking, she was in the news making speeches stating her purpose for women and children and of the great need of change worldwide.  I have respect for her as a woman, and a leader!  The title of her book is Hard Choices. I read it over the weekend before the book signing on Tuesday.  Pondering what I might say to her in my very brief two seconds before her, I felt strongly to thank her for choosing to serve the American people as well as the world. She, like everyone of us have choices before us.  Not all are easy and perfectly clear choices.  And sometimes we even make the wrong decisions.  I found her to be warm and gracious as she shook my hand. To me, she is an extraordinary woman placing herself in the public eye for all to see, judge and criticize. Some would say that standing in line for 3 hours is ridiculous. To me, it was well worth standing! I was standing and giving my support to someone brave enough to be herself and follow the path set before her.



One comment on “Hard Choices

  1. Cathy says:

    You did it! I know how disappointed you were when you found out that there were no tickets left and then you went there to talk to them about YOUR book and got in to her signing!!! And 3 hours is not ridiculous if it means something to you!! You go girl!

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