Letting It Unfold

It’s been several years since living in Kuwait.  Once back to America, the priority of the day was house hunting. While my husband remained in Kuwait, I was back and forth on the thruway between Rochester, NY and Saratoga, NY, staying with family and friends.

Try as I did…to get everything settled and back to “normal”…..like living in my own home….happened in its own time.  I had started with one real estate person, but he didn’t work out so well……I was frustrated and wondered now what do I do, how do I find another agent….one I like, being we will spend a lot of time together.  It happens, through crazy circumstances, she phoned me!  It was a  perfect match.  She was fun to be with and listened to what my hopes, dreams and desires were for a home.  In the end….we didn’t check off all that was on my list…but what was checked off, were all the right and important things and I found our new home.

During that time, underneath the immediate needs, was an ache, a promise I had made, and I continually pondered ….now what???   Just as I had held our housing loosely, I held my desire and the burden I brought home with me from Kuwait loosely; to give it enough room to develop, to unfold.

Lots more to share about unfolding….for another day ……I hope you join me…..would love to hear from you!



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2 comments on “Letting It Unfold

  1. Cathy says:

    You’re right, I guess that’s true with a lot of things..just let it unfold…I like that! xo

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