Oh boy….

0717141822I wonder if this happens in general to first time authors.  Got the box of books sitting on my table. Yes, did it. Wrote and published a book.  But now I need to do something with them.  HA!   Thank goodness  for the Troy Book Makers!!!  They have made this next step not as frightful as I had imagined.  The folks there are young and vibrant and most encouraging!   Thank you Jessika and the other staff for walking me through a most amazing adventure;  putting down in words what was in my heart and continuing your support as I take on the next step!

There is a list that can be found on the internet that can teach you many, many things of what is next after your book is published.  The first one was get a blog going….check…here we are on the blog.  This is good!  But the list continues and it now involves marketing yourself. I hadn’t really given that point much thought…until now.

For example: set up book signings….in other words….sell yourself and book to a venue…bookstore, someplace….anyplace, I suppose!!!  Once you get that you need to write up a press release to announce where you will be and when. Oh yes, there is a specific way in which this is created and submitted.  I am learning! …and determined!

My purpose in writing at all, about my experience with run away maids, while living in Kuwait, is to share with whomever will hear, that each one of us is enough.  Who we are, right now, is enough.  We are enough to love, to give and do,to make a difference in not just our own lives, but in the lives of others.  Each of us has something to give.

I hope in reading this blog, or even the book, you will be challenged and encouraged to hear and know who you are and that each one of  you is  gifted and capable of impacting the world around you and beyond.

All this is new to me.  My head in the sand was comfortable. …and now I wrote a book??? a blog? press releases, book signings, women’s meetings?  Really???

BUT you know…it feels right.

This quote jumped out at me and came back to me many times urging me to write Fragrance in the Desert.

“One person cannot save the world and solve all of its problems,

but many people living in service to their highest calling

will collectively lift the world and create light where it is most needed.”

~ Christine Mason Miller


“Fragrance in the Desert” is now for sale at the following venues.

~The Troy Book Makers online store (TBMbooks.com).

Three local bookstores to date are carrying the book.
~The Bookloft in Great Barrington, MA
~The Book House in Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany, NY
~Market Block Books in Troy, NY


One comment on “Oh boy….

  1. Cathy says:

    It will all come together! You have a lot of people ready and willing to help get your book out there and noticed! Eventually, book signings and giving public speeches will be 2nd nature to you!! xoxo

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