The Original

The first image we see of God in the Bible is that of

Creator, The Original Artist

 working in every possible medium and creating for the sake of creating.

A look at the world around us and we can find functionality, whimsy, passion, brilliance, imagination, determination, focus, tenacity, tenderness, intricacy, expansiveness, love, and a sense of humor.

To see God as Creator means, to me, that God’s truest expression of self is one of love and inclusiveness.

We have come from a God who is so full of creativity that God could simply breathe us into being; we are going to a God who is unabashedly
Love, Love, Love.

 -Milton Brasher-Cunningham

I believe that the regular practice of art-making helps us to cultivate creative ways of being in the world.

Creativity is about making space and listening deeply to our lives and the world around us.

It has been my hearts desire, that whatever or wherever I am ensuing a creative venture, that it would be demonstrated and empowered and evolve from a deep place within my being.

In answer to that continual prayer I met my friends Patty and Carolyn! We have been together  many years as artists, volunteers, friends, and sisters. We are in agreement, we are most definitely three muses to one another who are able to inspire, and encourage one another to tune in to our God the Creator, and learn how to express the areas of creativity that has been bestowed to each of us. I am forever thankful to their openness, and support.

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One comment on “The Original

  1. Cathy says:

    AMEN! Can’t wait to actually meet Patty and Carolyn, I have heard so much about them, I feel like I know them!~

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