A Gentle Nudge

Many years ago a friend introduced me to woodland flowers. I remember discovering several different ones in the spring and summer, but the trillium is my favorite. On Mother’s day I came across one. They can be seen along a path popping up through decayed leaves in the middle of the woods. But to some they may easily be unnoticed. Once I became aware of flowers in the woods, I seem to spot them right away. I am drawn to them. My eyes were opened to a new-found beauty that I look forward to every year. I became desirous to know the names of  other woodland flowers, mountain flowers and the lovely garden flowers in my own yard. This was something that has become a part of my life. It is a passion that brings me great joy.

Another example in sort of a different way  is like the time the house needed painting. This was the time to consider a different color.  How about RED? Much contemplation went into  making this decision because we couldn’t recall any red houses to refer to as to how it might look. Once this was something talked about, it seemed we then saw red houses everywhere.


This trillium is in the back woods where I live.

I believe that this happens for many of us. Something that we see or feel or know  grabs our attention and it keeps coming around and popping up, you can’t ignore it… because its just always there. Sometimes it occurs to be a blessing… like the trillium is for me. Or maybe it happens to give a confirmation that is needed (like the red houses). Perhaps there is something that we need to do or give or learn. I believe everything happens for a reason; that there are no coincidences. When this happens, I consider it to be a gentle nudge from above.

P.S. We decided no to the red paint!

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One comment on “A Gentle Nudge

  1. Cathy says:

    That looks a lot like the desert flower picture you had as your screen saver! Beautiful!

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