It’s ugly, sickening, and horrific!  It’s heinous, despicable, abominable and reprehensible. It’s atrocious, outrageous, horrendous, most shocking and unspeakable.

Because it IS all these things, it is so very difficult to acknowledge and accept it as a truth that affects millions of men, women and children all over the world. It is so incomprehensible that this continues amongst us, that it renders us ineffective.

Denial can involve a flat-out rejection of the existence of a fact or reality. In other cases, it might involve admitting that something is true, but minimizing its importance. Sometimes people will accept reality and the seriousness of the fact, but they will deny their own responsibility and instead blame other people or other outside forces.

Growing up as a child, and, it continues to this day, I have been told: you’re too sensitive, don’t take things so seriously, toughen up, you need a thicker skin, don’t take things to heart so much, let it roll off your back.

I remember as a young girl watching Walter Cronkite  evening news every night. In those days, the Vietnam War took up most of the half hour news program. The facts reported in film and photos traumatized me. To protect me from unpleasantness… that usually resulted in nightmares, as well as for his own peace for that half hour, my father eventually forbade me to watch, let alone listen to the reports. I remember once, him sending me to another room with the dictionary and a list of words to occupy that half hour.

Being too sensitive has never been said as a compliment. It has felt as though I was abnormal. I needed to toughen up. I think for many things I  learned  how to dismiss and deny the unpleasant.

In doing so, that denial and dismissal of reality robs us of opportunities and the freedom to be all we can be to ourselves, and to the world.

More thoughts to come…..


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meliorism: the doctrine that the world may be made better by human effort.

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One comment on “Slavery

  1. Cathy says:

    Being sensitive is NOT a bad thing, it’s what drives your passion and makes you the remarkable, caring person you are today!

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