What’s Next

The idea of living in a foreign country was intoxicatingly exciting.  However, my ideas of doing such a thing was more in mind with somewhere in Europe, perhaps.

Seriously, the Middle East never crossed my mind.  We had traveled in many countries in Europe and quite honestly, until we had to say something, (and totally embarrass  ourselves with the few words of a new language), we looked like we belonged!  In the Middle East, however, we definitely looked like we didn’t belong…let along tackling Arabic!

Two years isn’t a long time. My perspective on time has changed as I have grown older!  So two years living outside the United States presented an adventure to me.  It really was easy for me to agree and say yes, honey, let’s do this.

I have worked hard, wondered hard, worried hard, tried hard…as a middle age woman with children out of the nest and forming their own families, to discover,  what was next.   I admit, this has not been easy!

What transpired, enlightened, encouraged, inspired, OPENED MY EYES…happened while living in Kuwait!  This “adventure” has changed my life!

As time rolls on I purpose to share my story with hopes that this experience wasn’t meant just for me…..but to all those who will really hear me share my newfound passion, somethin that each and every one of you is capable to discover.

Till next time!



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