Our Mission….

is to provide restorative care and a sanctuary of healing and hope for women and girls who are survivors of human trafficking.  We seek to offer physical, psychological, educational and spiritual support that will bring healing and nurturing care for those we serve so they may become whole and realize their fullest potential.  We do this through a campaign of public awareness, tireless advocacy, networking and collaboration with law enforcement, health care professionals and existing community organizations.

Our Vision….

is to raise awareness of human trafficking throughout the general public, and to establish safe havens of healing and hope for women and children who have been trafficked through partnership and collaboration with existing organizations.  As the crimes against women and children become more exposed, the need for protected housing and restorative services will be profound.  Those who have been exploited often feel no one cares.  We believe that by raising awareness more people will be moved to action.


Our Motivation….

  • Our eyes were opened.
  • We want to open others’ eyes through awareness.
  • We want to open businesses and political figures and other organizations to work together.
  • We want the victims eyes about their own exploitation
  • We want the traffickers to know our eyes are wide open and that we are doing something about it.


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